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Member Benefits

Joining Oberlin Business Partnership (OBP) is a SMART decision and provides and excellent return on your membership investment!

  • IMPROVE your organization’s value, visibility, and credibility. A study of 2,000 individuals across the country confirms that consumers are 80% more likely to purchase goods and services from a business that is a member of the local chamber. SHAPIRO STUDY
  • SAVE on products and services including group health insurance, workers comp management, FedEx shipping and freight savings, payroll processing, programs to lower utility rates, and more. Learn how you can start taking advantage of these cost savings benefits.
  • FREE Radio Mentions and Group Purchasing Program to help you save money on your online purchases, if you are unable to find what you are looking for locally.
  • SAVE on marketing and promotions. We help you get the word out through OBP’s internet marketing platforms and discounts on advertising and promotions in regional print media.
  • GAIN an advocate! OBP is a voice for our members influencing local government on issues that impact businesses and the community.
  • Connect, Grow, and Thrive. OBP membership provides access to training to help you operate your business more effectively and efficiently, and events that connect you with other businesses, potential clients and customers.
  • Support the community. Your membership helps OBP support community and nonprofit projects that keep the local market strong and growing. We work with our members to create an inviting and accepting community, one that we can all be proud of. An engaged community is a progressive community – you can be engaged through your membership in so many areas that benefit the Oberlin community.

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